What Are the Risks Associated with Free Web Hosting

free hosting is badSoon there will be a time when each and every one of us will have a website of our own. I say this looking at the number of websites that are coming up every single day due to various purposes. Well, whatever the purpose might be behind you having a website, one step is very important; choosing the type of web hosting service. Now many people choose to go with or tell others to go with free web hosting. Free web hosting has its own advantages but the risks associated with it are a little more than the advantages.

Now free web hosting might the best option for people who are new to owning a website and do not seek to have a website for online business purposes. However, if someone decides on putting up a website for business purposes or doing something professional; free web hosting is not the right option in this case. Let me tell you why. Although you are not paying anything for the hosting services but at the same time you cannot have your own domain name; it will always include the hosting service’s name with it such as; if you wish to have myname.com, instead you will have free.myname.com. This makes the website look and sound very unprofessional. This means that your online business gives out a bad first impression.

Also, you are very limited on storage and bandwidth space. If you wish to put up only text content and some general images; it will be fine. However, if you wish to expand your website and make it a little heavier; your free web hosting service will not allow you to do so. Another very big disadvantage is the technical support you get with free web hosting; totally poor. Even if you look at cheap hosting reviews, you probably wont find what you need to satisfy you. In case you need some help or technical assistance; it will take forever for the company to get to you or help you out in a satisfying manner.

Free web hosting does not guarantees any sort of uptime therefore your website will experience downtime every now and then and you will not be able to do anything about it. Also, your free web hosting service provider will put up ads and banners on your site and you cannot do anything about it. this is what free web hosting is all about; it is a good choice for beginners and people who wish to experiment but not for anyone looking for something professional online.


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